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Memphis Botanic Gardens wedding

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Memphis Botanic Garden is a very popular Memphis wedding venue. This venue is a very large facility and offers engaged couples several ceremony and reception options. As indicated by their name, the Botanical Garden creates a beautiful backdrop for wedding of all seasons.

Two of the more popular areas for weddings at Memphis Botanic Garden are the Goldsmith Room and Hardin Hall. Let’s review the key features associated with each space:

Goldsmith Room

The Goldsmith room was sponsored by the Goldsmith family. This room is used to host a number of events such as: wedding, classes, garden club meetings and a number of private events such as birthday parties.

Size of the space: 3400 Square Feet
Ideal Guest Count: 150 Guest

Key Features:

    • Bride’s Dressing Room
    • Beautiful View
    • Catering Kitchen
    • Garden Access for Guests
    • PA System
    • Roll Down Screens
    • Free Parking

Hardin Hall

Hardin Hall is the largest rental space available at the Botanic Garden. A numbers of events are usually hosted in this space. The space can be used as an open space or broken down into sections.

Size of Space: 5,500 Square Feet
Ideal Guest Count: 350-600

Key Features:

      • Bride’s Dressing Room
      • Groom’s Dressing Room
      • Beautiful View
      • Catering Kitchen
      • Garden Access for Guests
      • PA System
      • Roll Down Screens
      • Free Parking

Things to consider when booking this venue

If you are considering booking Memphis Botanic Garden for your wedding, here are a few things to consider:
Memphis Botanic Garden has an “Approved Caterers Menu”. If you have already selected a caterer, check the list to ensure your caterer is approved for this location.
Seasons/ Events
Memphis Botanic Gardens is a public facility. It is possible other events/activities will be in process on your wedding day. Carefully review the facility’s calendar events when selecting a date to book your wedding.
Wine and Spirits
If you are interested in a bar for your wedding reception, Memphis Botanic Garden does have a bar. Here is an overview of the fees associated with the bar service:
Bartender Fee If the sales are under $600, there is a $150 Bartender Fee.
Cash Bar A $150 deposit is required for cash bar services. If the bar sales reach $300, this deposit is refunded.
Gratuity Host Bars are subject to a charge of 18% of the total bar costs for gratuity.

Cost of Facility Rental

The facility rental fee of Memphis Botanic Garden was very reasonable when we checked. While we cannot quote the price, we can say that both rooms currently rent for less than $3,000. Of the two rooms, Goldsmith Room and Hardin Hall, the Goldsmith Room is the most economical choice if you are planning a smaller wedding.

Contact Information

If you are interested in renting space at Memphis Botanic Garden, the contact information is as follows:

Memphis Botanic Garden
750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: (901) 576-4100
Fax: (901) 682-1561

Email: Facilities Rentals


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