Wedding Flowers We Love: Hydrangea

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One of the more popular wedding flowers is the hydrangea.  This delicate bloom is perfect for designing a bouquet, centerpiece or adorning a wedding cake.  There are many advantages of using the hydrangea as your wedding flower.  Let’s review a few facts about the hydrangea:

Random Facts About the Hydrangea:

1. It can be easy to access hydrangeas.  If you or a family member has a green thumb and a little time, it is possible to grow your own hydrangeas at home.  This can save a lot of money in your budget for a wedding florist.

2. The color of this flower depends on the “peak”.  The hydrangea is at it’s peak for about 2-3 weeks.  This can be an issue when planning a wedding.  Not to worry, hydrangeas not at their peak are still very pretty.  Although the color may not be the “original” color.

3.  “Newly” planted hydrangeas rarely produce blooms the first year.  The blooms are usually found on older plants.

4. After being cut, hydrangeas tend to wilt.  When planning your floral delivery, consider this.  Make sure your flowers are not delivered too early the day of the ceremony.  There are things/methods to help discourage wilting.

As with any flower, there are pros and cons of using the hydrangea as your wedding flower.  As for me, I used this gorgeous bloom in my bridal bouquet with no issues or regrets.  Check out this gallery of beautiful hydrangea wedding flowers:

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