Wedding Color Palette: Navy Blue and Orange

When most think of wedding colors, the first thought is pink, yellow, glitter and gold. Contrary to popular belief, there are brides that desire something “different”. Weddings can be designed to be frilly and over the top or simple and modern. If you are looking for colors for a modern or chic wedding look, navy blue and orange are a great color palette.

There is an abundance of visual guides for brides considering this color combination. Navy and Orange is typically used in rustic or nautical themed wedding. However, that doesn’t limit the style or theme of weddings in this color scheme.

Navy Blue and Orange wedding inspiration board

Navy Blue and Orange Wedding Invitations

While these colors work together to create a modern look, there are several styles of wedding stationary in this color combination. Here are some of our favorites:
orange and navy blue wedding invitations



orange and navy wedding invtiationsource 

Navy Blue and Orange Wedding Party Attire

What color should the guys wear?  Are we limited to blue dresses?  Is an orange dress doing too much?  These are all valid questions.  While I can’t answer these questions for you, I can provide a little inspiration to help sway your decision.  Check out these stylish navy blue and orange wedding party ideas:

navy blue and orange wedding party

source via pinterest

orange and blue wedding party


Navy Blue and Orange Wedding Decor

Decorating for your wedding reception and ceremony site requires lots of creativity.  Sure, you can take the easy way out and have minimal decor but what fun would that be?  Here are a few beautifully decorated navy blue and orange weddings:


orange and blue wedding table


orange and blue wedding table 2



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