Wedding Color Palette Idea: Orange and Gray

Looking for an alternative to the commonly used wedding colors? Orange and gray work well together to create a beautiful and romantic backdrop to a wedding of several seasons.
orange and gray wedding




Orange and Grey Wedding Invitations

Have you decided on the style of wedding invitation for your weddings? Check out some orange and gray wedding invitations from around the web. From pocketfolds, boxed invitations to layered wedding invitations, this color combo makes for beautiful wedding invitations.

orange and gray wedding invtiations source

Orange and Gray wedding invitations

orange and gray basic source

Orange and Gray Wedding Party Attire

Still trying to decide the color of the bridesmaid dresses or the color of the groomsmen’s suits? Check out a little orange and gray inspiration below:

orange and gray bridesmaid <orange and gray groomsmen source

orange and bridal party source


orange and gray wedding groom



Orange and Gray Wedding Decor Ideas

We have pulled together ceremony and reception ideas for an orange and gray weddings. Check them out and let us know if we have missed anything!

orange and gray wedding centerpiece

Orange and Gray wedding reception source

orange and gray wedding decor source

orange and gray wedding cake source

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