Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: Non Floral Centerpieces

If you are looking to trim a few dollars off your floral budget, consider non floral wedding centerpieces.  More often, brides opt for high or low floral centerpieces.  These centerpieces can range in price but usually cost hundreds per centerpiece.  There are alternatives for those that are looking to save a few dollars.

The Bird Cage Centerpiece

If planning a rustic wedding, the bird cage could possibly serve as a stylish wedding centerpiece.  The birdcage can be filled with candles or ivy.

Non floral wedding centerpiece


Candle and Lantern Centerpiece

This lantern was used in a modern, chic wedding.  The lantern was adorned with a few bright colored bloom.  The result is a stylish yet simple centerpiece.



Wine Centerpiece

If you are a wine drinker, recycle your empty wine bottles to create a wedding centerpiece.  Wine bottle can be painted or decorated with a few simple blooms to create an elegant wedding centerpiece.


wine bottle centerpiece


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