Three Options for Brides Seeking Cheap Wedding Invitations

It is not impossible to find nice, cheap wedding invitations.  Many people avoid the term “cheap” because it can be perceived as negative.  In the world of wedding planning, any penny saved is a huge help!  When shopping for wedding invitations, you are not limited to David’s Bridal, fancy paperie’s or print shops.  There are several online retailers that offer affordable wedding stationary.  In addition, EBay and Amazon are great sources for several wedding items including invitations.

There are several options for brides looking for cheap wedding invitations.  Some options for wedding invitations are: Wedding Invitation Kits, DIY Wedding Invites and discount wedding invitation retailers.

Option one: Wedding Invitation Kits

cheap wedding invitations

Wedding invitation kits can be found at craft stores  (Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby), Walmart and online.  This set by Hortense B. Hewitt comes complete with RSVP cards and envelopes.  The only thing the bride needs to do is type up the invite and print it!  Boxed wedding invitations come complete with wording samples as well as a link to an online template to ensure easy printing.

Option Two: DIY Wedding Invites

Creating your own wedding invitations can be as simple as formatting a file and taking to FedEx Kinkos for printing.  Worried about getting the invite cut down to the proper size?  Don’t worry.  FedEx Kinkos even has a machine that cuts your invites.  However, when printing your own invitations, be sure to bring your own card stock.  Buying paper at Kinkos can  be very costly.  I usually purchase a pack of nice card stock for about 5.99 for about 100 sheets.

Worried about formatting?  Check out sites like for tons of free wedding invitation templates.  There is also the option of having someone else design the wedding invitation on your behalf.  My company, Grace-N-Glamour, does offer this service.<—- Shameless plug

At any rate, while this option is very thrifty, remember to consider the cost of envelopes.  I suggest ordering the envelopes in bulk online.  If using a RSVP card, consider a RSVP postcard to save money on the extra envelope.

Option Three: Discount Wedding Invitation Retailers

Purple Trail is a popular source for electronic party invitations.  They also offer cheap wedding invitations.  Purple Trail has nice wedding invitations for a little over a dollar each!  Check out some of their more affordable options:

 Cream And Green Rustic Tree (Set) Wedding Invitation


Cream And Green Rustic Tree (Set) Wedding Invitation


Elegant Peacock Wedding Invite

Elegant Peacock Wedding Invite

These are only two of the several designs available at Purple Trail. Go over and check them out.

Wedding invitations do not have to cost an arm and leg. There are ways to create or purchase cheap wedding invitations. Tell us about your wedding invitations! What corners did you cut to save money?


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