Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

when to hire a wedding planner One of the biggest questions amongst newly engaged ladies is whether or not to hire a wedding planner. When we hear “Wedding Planner”, most of us instantly think of movies such as The Wedding Planner, gotta love J.Lo, and Bride Wars. The wedding planners in these movies, well most movies, give the impression of a glamorous planner than handles all the details of planning a beautiful, extravagant wedding. This is not always the case. In reality, every bride’s experience with her wedding planner is different.
Every bride’s budget is different and most weddings are different. There are some tasks associated with planning a big wedding that can be eliminated with smaller weddings. These two reasons alone speak to the different levels of service offered by most wedding planners. The type of service a bride needs affects the price tag associated with hiring a wedding planner. With several options that range from basic to supreme, hiring a wedding planner is an option for many brides.

Understanding Service Levels of Wedding Planners

Before setting an appointment with a wedding planner, let’s make sure you have a clear understanding of the role of a wedding planner. There are options for wedding planners to plan and coordinate your entire wedding, requiring the bride to basically just “show up”. There are also packages for the budget bride providing wedding planner service for shorter periods of time, perhaps the last month or the day of the wedding only. Naturally, the more responsibility delegated to the wedding planner, the more expensive the rate.
Below are some of the services offered by wedding planners:

Entire Event:

When a wedding planner is hired for the entire event, the planner starts working with you very early in the wedding planning process. A planner hired for the entire wedding planning process may handle tasks such as: contract negotiation, engaging vendors, payment processing, guest list coordination, tracking of RSVP, assistance with event design and day of coordination. As you can see, hiring a wedding planner for the entire wedding planning process relieves the bride of many aspects of planning.
Price Range: $$$

Specified Period:

If you desire someone to take over at the half way mark, consider hiring a wedding planner for a specified period. With this option, you would benefit from several of the options of hiring a wedding planner early on. This is a great option to save a little money by getting the ball rolling in regard to planning and jumping out of the game before things heat up.
Price Range: $$

Day of Coordination:

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and budget brides often opt for “day of coordinators”. With this option, you are responsible for all aspect of wedding planning leading up to your big day. A wedding professional sets in on your wedding day to execute the plan you have put in place. This is a great stress reliever for brides that enjoy the wedding planning process, yes…they do exist, and only require assistance executing their plans. This option is very economical.
Price Range: $
These three broad options for wedding planner services can accommodate several brides. The prices of these packages vary based on the length of time the services are desired. When making your decision on when to hire your wedding planner, remember, these prices can be reduced more by tailoring the expectations of your planner. Inquire with wedding planners about customized packages based on your individual needs to meet your budget. Remember, your “high expectations” do not have to restrict the services afforded to while planning for your big day! Be smart! Be wise and make the best decisions which will result in the wedding of your dreams!

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