Shopping for your Wedding Dress: Advice from a Newlywed


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One of the biggest tasks brides face in wedding planning is selecting a dress for the big day. There of tons of wedding dresses in bridal salons in a number of styles, shapes and colors. Yes, colors. Historically, brides selected either ivory or white wedding dresses. Modern brides are rocking gowns in several colors such as, red, pink, metallic shades and even black!
As with any saturated market, shopping for your wedding dress is very challenging. It is easy to become overwhelmed and indecisive. Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for your wedding dress:

Do your research.

Shopping for a wedding dress is easier when you have an idea of your ideal gown. Walking in a bridal salon can be quite overwhelming. You step into a sea of white and ivory gowns of several styles and designs. Grab a few bridal magazines or browse a few bridal websites to get a general idea of your ideal gown.

Remember your budget.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with emotion when selecting a dress for your wedding day. Unfortunately, salespersons are aware of the importance of your special day and may attempt to use this to their advantage. Please remember your wedding budget when selecting wedding dresses and in selecting bridal boutiques to visit.

Don’t overdo it.

Once you have found a dress that you feel is perfect, STOP looking. There are several beautiful wedding dresses out there. After deciding on a dress, stop looking at wedding gowns. It is very easy to develop dress envy and second guess your dress.

Don’t start too early.

A long engagement can be a gift and a curse. While long engagements allow more time for settling wedding debt BEFORE the big day, it also allows more time for doubt. Ordering your wedding gown is a very large item on every bride’s task list. However, getting too excited and shopping too early, usually results in dress envy and doubt. Unless you have a CLEAR idea of a specific dress, avoid ordering your wedding dress too early.
While the process of selecting a dress for your wedding can be very overwhelming, the process will always remain a special memory in the future when reflecting on your wedding and the months leading to your wedding day. As with any other wedding planning task, when selecting your wedding dress, try to keep your level of stress low by constantly reminding yourself what the significance of your wedding day.

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