Orange and Purple Wedding Inspiration

Orange and Purple Wedding Inspiration source

When I first started researching wedding color combinations, I will admit purple and orange fell very low on the list. Initially, I thought combining these two bold colors would result in a wedding disaster. Well, I am big enough to admit, I was very wrong. As I started gathering various pieces of inspiration for orange and purple weddings, I found myself becoming more and more pleased with this color combination.

Orange and Purple Wedding Inspiration and Ideas

While viewing this site, I came across pictures of a beautiful orange and purple wedding. Check my favorite image from that wedding:

orange and purple wedding inspiration


When selecting bridesmaids dresses for an orange and purple wedding, consider the color of your bouquets. In the picture below, the bridesmaids wore a rich darker shade of purple. When the bight orange bouquets were added, the results were stunning.

orange and purple wedding source

When creating the design of your wedding reception, consider the many ways to incorporate your wedding colors into your decor.  While floral arrangements, up lights and draping are all excellent options for adding color to your venue, colored table linens are also a great starting place.  It is amazing the effect colored table linens have on an event space.

purple and orange wedding table linens


Who says wedding invitations have to be white, black or cream?  Experiment with your wedding colors when creating your wedding invitations.  Check out this bold and stylish purple and orange wedding invitation.  We love it!

purple and orange wedding invitations


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