Monogrammed Aisle Runners: My DIY Experience

I still remember my initial reaction to monogrammed aisle runners. I was in AWE. I instantly knew that was a detail to be included in our wedding day. Unfortunately, I did not plan properly and I was unable to use a monogrammed runner at my wedding. I decided to share my experiences and a few tips so that other brides can learn from my mistakes!

monogramed aisle runner


Monogrammed aisle runners are usually simple aisle runners that feature the couple’s wedding monogram, or initials. Sometimes, the runners also feature various designs or swirls and occasionally the wedding date is added. These aisle runners are available in black or white. Most retailers of these runners offer pre made monogram designed. However, if you are working with a little more time, some retailers may allow the use of your custom monogram.

black aisle runner


I decided to DIY my monogrammed aisle runner. I created a custom monogram and purchased a cloth 70 inch aisle runner. Next, I went to Micheal’s and purchased paint and paint brushes. I followed these instructions that I found while reading After completing the first half, I decided the project looks a lot easier than I assumed. At this point, I did not have much time remaining before my big day and I had a number of other projects to complete. I decided to purchase a monogrammed aisle runner.

blue aisle runner


Well, I discovered that many retailers require 6-8 weeks to create a monogrammed aisle runner. This includes the use of their standard monogram designs. See, many of these aisle runners are hand painted and completing this task is very time consuming. Next, I considered ordering a cheaper version, but none of these aisle runners where long enough for the church’s aisle. Disgusted I gave up.

monogramed aisle runners

If I could do it all over, I would have taken another option. Instead of waiting until the ninth hour, I would have started much earlier. Through the planning process, I often worried that I was doing too much too soon. In the end, I learned there is no such thing as too soon in the wedding planning process. I also would have taken another route. This aisle runner will only be used once for less than an hour at that. I am currently creating a monogrammed aisle runner for a fraction of the cost for another bride by using a vinly decal and a simple cloth aisle runner. I suppose there is merit in the statement “Less is more”.  I totally over looked a very simple and effective option!

What are your thoughts on monogrammed aisle runners?  Is this something you would like to include in your wedding planning?

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