Maid of Honor Duties and Expectations

Maid Of Honor Duties: Understanding Her Role

The lady you select as your maid of honor will play a huge role in your wedding planning experience.  She is usually present during many of the initial planning meeting.  In order to avoid severing life long relationships, try to get a clear understanding of the maid of honor duties.

maid of honor duties Wedding Planning Period: Maid of Honor Duties

If you thought the maid of honor is only responsible for showing up and wearing a pretty dress, you are sadly mistaken.  The maid of honor duties begin long before the wedding day.  This role plays a large part in the planning process.  THIS is why the maid is set apart from the bridesmaids. 

Some expectations of the maid of honor are:

  • Assists with bridal gown shopping and selection
  • Assists with bridesmaid dress/shoes shopping and selection
  • Responsible for the planning of bridal shower/parties
  • Assists with selection and mailing wedding invitations
  • Attends the final fitting of the bridal gown and learns how to tie the bustle.
  • Serves as a liason between bridal party and bride.(if no wedding planner)
  •  If the groom is unavailable to accompany the bride for the registry, the MOH does in his place.
  • Accompanies bride to view/scout wedding locations if the groom is unavailable
  • Assists with ordering and/or assembly of the wedding favors
  • Assists with creation of seating chart

As the maid of honor, this special lady serves as the bride’s right hand woman.  Her ultimate goal is to make the entire planning experience somewhat better.  Keep in mind, not every task on this list applies to every wedding/situation.  Make sure to tailor the list to suit your personal needs.

The Wedding Day: Maid of Honor Duties

While the list of duties for the MOH during the planning period is a bit long, there are additional duties for the actual day of the wedding.  We have also compiled a list of Maid of Honor “Day of” duties:

  •  Transport the bride to the wedding location
  • Help the bride into her wedding gown
  • Serve as liaison between family, the groom and the bride
  • Responsible for the Groom’s Ring
  • Hold the bouquet during various parts of the ceremony
  • If the bride’s dress has a train, make sure the train is straight when the bride moves in and out of position at the altar.
  • Make a toast during the reception.
  • Keep up with any last minute cards or monetary gifts given to the bride or groom during the reception.
  • Secure the bridal dressing room to protect the bride’s belongings during the ceremony.
  • Pack up the bride’s personal items and place them in newly wed’s car at the end of the reception or deliever them to their home.
  • Provide moral support throughout the day.

 Expectations for YOUR Maid of Honor

Planning a wedding can place a strain on friendships.  I have seen several friendships suffer after one of the friends gets married.  While some like to blame “jealousy” that is not always the case.  Relationships require communication to work well.  This includes friendships.  One way to make avoid ruining relationships during the planning of your wedding is to clearly communicate your expectations.

After reviewing these lists, I am sure you have a better understanding  of the role of the maid of honor.  Now that you have an understanding, take some time to share your thoughts and expectations with you potential maid of honor.  It would be best to have this conversation before you ask her to take on the role of Maid of Honor.  This gives her the opportunity to decline or accept the role as well as the responsibilities associated with it.

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