Brown and Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Brown and yellow wedding

Are you looking for wedding colors that are outside of the “normal” wedding colors? A yellow and brown wedding can create a simple but chic atmosphere. Whether you pair a bright yellow or a pale yellow with brown, the results are similar.

This color combination is usually seen in country chic or rustic themed weddings. However, that doesn’t mean the colors cannot accommodate other wedding styles or themes. Here are a few pictures of yellow and brown weddings.

yellow and brown wedding


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Wedding Color Inspiration: Green and Yellow Wedding

A great color scheme for spring and summer wedding is green and yellow. These two bright colors work together to create a simple yet chic visual. Pair together pastel shades, bold shades or one bold and one pastel, either way, this color combination is a winner.
yellow and green inspiration board

Green and Yellow Weddings in Action

We have pulled together a few visual aides for those still struggling with this color combo. Check them out and let us know which combination you like best!

Kelly Green and Yellow Wedding


The boldness of Kelly Green worked well with Sunshine Yellow for this Texas wedding.

sage and yellow wedding cake

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Sunshine Yellow: Yellow Weddings and Inspiration

yellow inspiration board

Weddings are happy and joyous occasions.  Why not select a wedding color that is associated with positive and like meanings?  Yellow is often associated with happiness, joy and intellect.  According to some, yellow is the happiest color of the color spectrum.  This cheerful and pleasant color is the perfect color to add a touch of color to your special day.

Yellow Weddings: Shades of Yellow

From bright neon yellow to a soft pale yellow, there are a number of shades in the yellow family.  Some darker yellows come pretty close to gold.  If a lighter shade of yellow is desired, remember that white can “wash” out paler shades of yellow.  Try to select a second color that will contrast well with the lighter shade.

Shades of yellow

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Yellow Weddings:Colors that work well with yellow:

Yellow is a very versatile color and works well with a number of colors. Some colors that work well with various shades of yellow are:

  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Lavender
  • Turquoise
  • Brown
  • Green

Yellow Weddings:Inspiration Pictures:

I realize a picture is worth a thousand words.  With that in mind, check out a few pictures of yellow weddings. [Read more…]