Wedding Music Idea: Soulmate by Dre

toni childs wedding song source

If you are a fan of the former television series, Girlfriend’s, you may be familiar with this song.  If you loved the show as much as I did, you totally cried during Toni Child’s wedding and quickly went off to find the song.  This song, Soulmate, is a beautiful wedding song but was never released.  Check it out: [Read more…]

Wedding Music Idea: Luther Vandross So Amazing


What wedding would be complete without a Luther Vandross song?  Luther has a number of love ballads and is often on the wedding play list.  “So Amazing” is one of my favorite wedding songs by Luther.   After hearing the song at a young age, I knew that it would someday be apart of my wedding soundtrack. [Read more…]

Bridal Entrance Song: Make Me Whole by Amel Larrieux

Selecting “wedding day details” is difficult to many brides.  One of the smaller and most difficult details to select for the wedding is the bridal entrance song.  There are so many beautiful loves songs of many genres, indecisive brides tend to suffer narrowing it down to one selection.  If the traditional wedding march is not your cup of tea, check out this oldie but goodie  from Amel Larrieux.

bridal entrance credit

With her soft angelic voice, Amel delivered a beautiful ballad perfect, ideal for someone’s walk down the aisle.  The first time I heard the song, the lyrics gave me goose bumps!

Make Me Whole Lyrics

Darlin I want you to listen, I stayed up all night,
So I can get this thing right.
And I don’t think, There’s anything missin’.
‘Cause a person like you, Made it easy to do.
I’ve waited for so long, To sing to you this song. [Read more…]