Wedding Color Inspiration: Periwinkle Weddings

Another popular color in the “violet” family is periwinkle.  Periwinkle can be best described as a pale shade  of indigo or blue.  This cool shade can be paired with another pastel or a brighter color.  Periwinkle is also very versatile and can work for a wedding of any season.

periwinkle wedding inspiration


Periwinkle and Other Colors

periwinkle color chart

Here are a few colors that work well with periwinkle as wedding colors:

  • Kelly
  • Banana
  • Coral
  • Lapis
  • Persimmon

Periwinkle and Green Wedding

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Wedding Color Inspiration: Magenta Wedding Inspiration

It’s no secret that purple is one of the most popular wedding colors.  Of the many shades, magenta is one of my favorites.  Often paired with shades of pink, gray and other jewel tones, magenta works well with weddings of any season.  Magenta is a color associated with harmony and emotional balance.  Those are certainly two positive associates when planning a wedding.    Magenta is also a color of transformation and personal change.Let’s take a look at some magenta wedding inspiration.

magenta wedding decor


Magenta + ______: Colors that Work Well with Magenta

  magenta wedding inspiration

This vibrant jewel tone works well with a number of colors. Check out our favorite magenta color palettes:

Magenta and Gold

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A Touch of Elegance: Lace Wedding Cakes

Looking to add a touch of charm or elegance to your wedding? A lace cake could be the answer. Appliques, frosting and live flowers all help create the beauty of the lace wedding cake. We have pulled together ten beautiful lace wedding cake for your viewing pleasure.

lace wedding cake

lace wedding cake

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