Wedding Color Palette: Navy Blue and Orange

When most think of wedding colors, the first thought is pink, yellow, glitter and gold. Contrary to popular belief, there are brides that desire something “different”. Weddings can be designed to be frilly and over the top or simple and modern. If you are looking for colors for a modern or chic wedding look, navy blue and orange are a great color palette.

There is an abundance of visual guides for brides considering this color combination. Navy and Orange is typically used in rustic or nautical themed wedding. However, that doesn’t limit the style or theme of weddings in this color scheme.

Navy Blue and Orange wedding inspiration board

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Wedding Color Palette Idea: Orange and Gray

Looking for an alternative to the commonly used wedding colors? Orange and gray work well together to create a beautiful and romantic backdrop to a wedding of several seasons.
orange and gray wedding




Orange and Grey Wedding Invitations

Have you decided on the style of wedding invitation for your weddings? Check out some orange and gray wedding invitations from around the web. From pocketfolds, boxed invitations to layered wedding invitations, this color combo makes for beautiful wedding invitations.

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Orange and Tan Wedding Inspiration

Orange and Tan Wedding

If you are looking for a soft, pretty and yet unique wedding palette, we have the answer. Orange and tan work together to create a beautiful backdrop for a spring, summer or fall wedding. The colors are versatile and can work for a number of themes and seasons.

Orange wedding flowers are plentiful and should not be too expensive. Wedding stationary in cream with brown ink would also work well for this color palette.

Would you consider this color palette for your big day?