Wedding Color Palette Idea: Green and Purple Wedding

green and purple wedding

If you are looking to pair two beautiful and “positive” colors for your wedding day, purple and green should definitely be at the top of your list. Purple symbolizes wealth, spirituality and royalty. Green symbolizes newness, wealth and good luck. What better way to start a marriage?

Shades of “Purple” and “Green”

Green and purple is a wedding color combo that works for a wedding of any season. If planning a fall or winter wedding, perhaps darker shades of purple or green can be used. For summer or spring weddings, sage or lavender are beautiful shades for wedding decor.

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Wedding Color Inspiration: Green and Yellow Wedding

A great color scheme for spring and summer wedding is green and yellow. These two bright colors work together to create a simple yet chic visual. Pair together pastel shades, bold shades or one bold and one pastel, either way, this color combination is a winner.
yellow and green inspiration board

Green and Yellow Weddings in Action

We have pulled together a few visual aides for those still struggling with this color combo. Check them out and let us know which combination you like best!

Kelly Green and Yellow Wedding


The boldness of Kelly Green worked well with Sunshine Yellow for this Texas wedding.

sage and yellow wedding cake

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