Wedding Color Palette: Navy Blue and Orange

When most think of wedding colors, the first thought is pink, yellow, glitter and gold. Contrary to popular belief, there are brides that desire something “different”. Weddings can be designed to be frilly and over the top or simple and modern. If you are looking for colors for a modern or chic wedding look, navy blue and orange are a great color palette.

There is an abundance of visual guides for brides considering this color combination. Navy and Orange is typically used in rustic or nautical themed wedding. However, that doesn’t limit the style or theme of weddings in this color scheme.

Navy Blue and Orange wedding inspiration board

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Wedding Color Inspiration: Periwinkle Weddings

Another popular color in the “violet” family is periwinkle.  Periwinkle can be best described as a pale shade  of indigo or blue.  This cool shade can be paired with another pastel or a brighter color.  Periwinkle is also very versatile and can work for a wedding of any season.

periwinkle wedding inspiration


Periwinkle and Other Colors

periwinkle color chart

Here are a few colors that work well with periwinkle as wedding colors:

  • Kelly
  • Banana
  • Coral
  • Lapis
  • Persimmon

Periwinkle and Green Wedding

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Blue Weddings Ideas: Blue Cocktails and Signature Drinks

If you plan to have an open or cash bar at your wedding, a signature drink is always a hit. This drink can be made prior to the event for brides that do not have a budget for a bartender. If you are planning a blue wedding, we have a few ideas for blue signature drinks:

Blue Ocean Signature Drink

Blue signature drink


This tropical drink is simple to make with only four ingredients. As the name suggests, this cocktail is perfect for a summer, spring or beach themed wedding.

Blue Ocean ingredients:

1 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. blue curacao
1/3 oz. grapefruit juice
1-2 splashes simple syrup

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice; shake,
then strain and serve either straight up in a martini glass
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