Budget Wedding Tip: DIY Calligraphy

calligraphy-wedding-invitation When I was planning my wedding, one of my girlfriends told me “Your  invitations set the tone of your event”.  That statement really had an effect on my plans for my Save the Dates and Wedding invitations.  While, I tend to like the “finer things in life”, I am in no position to afford them.  Planning a wedding is very costly.  It is amazing how quickly the smaller fees accumulate.  With that in mind, it is best to cut corners when possible.

One expense that I chose to eliminate from my wedding budget was that of a calligrapher.  I knew I did not want standard hand addressed envelopes nor did I want those standard white or clear avery address labels.  In the end, I used wraparound labels that I designed to match my custom pocket-fold invitations.  While searching for ideas for addressing my wedding invitations, I ran across a brilliant idea for addressing wedding invitations on Project Wedding.

diy calligraphy The article basically provides a tutorial on creating DIY calligraphy with very little effort.  The bride simply printed a calligraphy font on her envelopes in a barely visible ink color.  Next, she used a white ink and calligraphy pen to track the printed letters and numbers.  The results were very neat and appeared professional.  She also saved herself a couple of under bucks. 

Check out an excerpt from the article:

Let me share with you a step-by-step guide to your own semi-homemade calligraphy:

I’m using cocoa Euroflap envelopes from envelopemall.com. Obviously, black ink wouldn’t show up very well, so I bought white India Ink from the craft store. I also purchased a calligraphy pen and fine-tip nibs. I love the sharp and unexpected contrast of the white ink on dark brown paper.

Next, I set up MS Word using the mailings feature to print addresses on the size envelope I was using.

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Here are a few free calligraphy fonts perfect for this project.

Free Calligraphy Fonts


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