Adding Personal Touches to Your Wedding Day

When planning a wedding, most brides pay attention to detail in hopes  of creating their dream wedding.  Adding small personal details to your wedding décor and ceremony helps add a touch of you and your husband to be’s personality to your wedding day.

There are several ways to incorporate a personal touch to your wedding day details.  Here are some of the more common options:

 Personalized Wedding Vows:

Most traditional weddings use the standard “I promise to love, honor and obey” wedding vows.  One option for adding a personal touch to your ceremony is writing your own vows.  If you are worried about being nervous and forgetting your vows, create wedding vow cards that are decorated in your wedding colors.

wedding vow card source

Custom Wedding CD:

If you are looking for a wedding favor, consider giving your guest a custom wedding CD.  The disk can include songs from you weddings as well as significant songs for you and your husband to be.

wedding cd favor source

Alternative to the bouquet toss:

If the bride is older, or many of the guests are already married, consider an alternative to the traditional bouquet toss.  One popular alternative is calling all married couples to the dance floor for a dance off.  The couples will be asked to take their seat based on the length of their marriage.  The couple that has been married the longest will be the last standing and will be awarded the bridal bouquet.

wedding dance source

Use Personal Photos as Wedding Décor:

While flowers and candles are beautiful, adding personal photographs to wedding centerpieces can also be a winner.  Consider adding table numbers that feature pictures of you and your husband to be at various stages of life or your relationship .

photo wedding table numbers source

Another option for incorporating pictures in your wedding day, consider creating a photo slideshow of pictures                            of you and your fiancé.  One idea is to include pictures of you both from birth up until your adult years.  The final pictures should be pictures of you and your husband to be together as a couple (i.e. your first date, vacations, holidays, etc).

wedding photo slide show source

A third and final option for using your pictures in your wedding décor is creating a personalized photo sign in book.  The pictures can be from your engagement photo shoot or various photos from your courtship.  This book can also be placed on your coffee table in your new home for your guests viewing pleasure.

  wedding photo book

What other ideas do you have regarding adding a personal touch to your wedding day?  Do you like any of these ideas any better than the others?  Which one and why?

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